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The Melrose Missile continued:

For more history on the Melrose Missile and photos visit Melrose Missile Website

The Start of Yother Performance Products

The factory experimental cars during the 60's were a hot bed of innovation. During this time most of these innovations were kept secret. That was about to change.

In 1971 Cecil Yother started selling to racers by mail order many of the tools and products he made during his racing career with Chrysler.  He was one of the first mail order performance shops in the US. Cecil still manufactures many products that are handled by some of the largest online racing product merchants.

In February of 2000 Cecil Yother Jr. "CJ" went off to start his own line of performance products. Specializing in primarily Volvo's. Starting late 2016 he partnered with his father to add many of his products to his line. You'll find a mix of these products and more throughout the website.